I’m a creative, energetic and innovative copywriter and content editor for international websites and agencies.

I take on a broad range of projects and I am currently writing destination copy for a major international hotel chain.

Past work includes writing the SEO content for European railway
companies (my copy was then translated into different languages for country-specific websites). I also worked on the company’s Facebook pages, apps and marketing material.

I’ve worked on the content for accommodation websites, tourist information blogs, traveller safety, and a book summarising the last 40 years of British history for a dementia publication. My scope is always interesting and varied!

I’m fast, accurate and always on time. I understand the importance of being flexible to meet the needs of clients and I’m quick to pick up the tone and style of each brand, no matter what the subject.

Please feel free to contact me to discuss timelines and rates –  Felicity Cousins


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